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Tenant Insurance

It may not be your house, but it is your home. Our Edmonton renter’s insurance packages are a low-cost way to cover for fire, theft, and liability. Get covered for as little as $20 per month!

With our affordable tenant insurance packages, you will enjoy all these great benefits:

  • New for old replacement coverage
  • Basic coverage for $20 per month
  • 24 hour claims emergency lines
  • Damage and loss caused by fire or theft
  • Legal liability

Whether you are in a high-rise apartment in downtown Edmonton or a townhouse-style condominium in the suburbs of St. Albert, our agents will put together an affordable insurance policy to protect your belongings. You will have peace of mind when you insure your important valuables, knowing that they will be replaced if your contents are damaged or stolen.

Edmonton tenant insurance will protect your personal property

Contrary to popular belief, a landlord’s house or condominium insurance policy does not give you any coverage for a renter’s personal belongings. A low-cost Alberta renter’s insurance package could be exactly what you need to safeguard against:

  • Damage or loss of your furniture, clothing, electronics and other belongings from fire and burglary;
  • Liability claims to protect you in the event that you accidentally start a fire that causes injury or damage or your dog bites someone;
  • Additional living expenses to cover increased costs of living while you have been forced out of your home due to a fire

Multi-policy insurance discounts

You can save even more money when you combine your Steinbring Insurance tenant’s policy with your car insurance policy and other types of coverage in Alberta. Call us now for more information!